Watch the Personal Finance Series Money Lessons

As the academic partner for the New Jersey Council for Economic Education (NJCEE), NJCU's School of Business is proud to sponsor NJTV's personal finance series, which is designed to help people gain more control over their finances. 

This is just one of many ways that NJCU and NJCEE work to empower our community to help them change the game when it comes to making informed financial decisions. 

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Episode 1: The Psychology of Personal Finance
with Behavioral Finance Expert Michelle Arpin Begina

Episode 2: Spending, Saving and Investing
with Humble Dollar Founder Jonathan Clements

Episode 3: Credit Management
with Pastor and Financial Coach Troy Levy

Episode 4: Career Pathing
with Workplace Success Group Founder Karen Hinds

Episode 5: Entrepreneurship
with Foundation of Economic Education Director of Entrepreneurial Education T.K. Coleman

Episode 6: Financial Technology
with CentSai Chief Executive and Co-Founder Arindam Nag