Campus Labs

Computer labs at New Jersey City University are categorized by two usage types: Public and Departmental. For campus locations go to our campus map indicating the building in which the lab is located, or contact the specific lab representative for more information. Software available in Public and Departmental Labs: Microsoft Office Professional (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint), Internet Access and Web based email using Internet Explorer.

Public computer labs are available for all NJCU community members (registered students, faculty and staff of the University).

The following labs are for public use:

  • Information Technology, Professional Studies Building, Room P-103
  • Frank J. Guarini Library, Library Building, multiple student stations/labs

Departmental computer labs support specialized software. These are usually small labs with no access for public use. However, some departmental computer labs have limited access available for NJCU community members due to regularly scheduled classes or training activities. Scheduled classes and training activities must take precedence over general community access.

  • Science Computer Lab Biology & Chemistry majors Science Building, Room TBA
  • ESL/Modern Languages Lab Karnoutsos, K-224
  • The Writing Center Karnoutsos K105 office, Labs K-109 & K-115
  • Writing/Tutoring Journalism Lab Karnoutsos, Room K-108
  • Computer Science Labs Karnoutsos, K425, K427, K428 & K-430
  • Physics Lab Science, Room TBA
  • Geography/Geoscience Lab, Rossey Hall, R-602
  • Mathematics Lab Karnoutsos Hall, K-504
  • Media Arts Lab Fries Building, Room F-203
  • Music Lab Rossey Building, Room R-315
  • Visual Arts Lab Visual Arts Building Rooms A-201, A-209 and A-218

Adaptive Technology at NJCU is available for students with documented disabilities. Adaptive technology includes, but is not limited to; books on tape, screen readers, note taking devices, writing/speaking devices, and specialized software. Some of this specialized software is available in the Electronic Learning Lab, P-103. For further information regarding adaptive technology, contact Jennifer Aitken in the Office of Specialized Services, P-343 or call 201-200-2557