NJCUmobile is the official mobile app of New Jersey City University designed to enhance your experience as an NJCU learner by providing you with access to robust campus resources and services available from the convenience of your mobile device. Whether you are a prospective, new, or continuing student, NJCUmobile will help you to stay up-to-date with campus news, events, activities, and so much more – right at your fingertips!

With NJCUmobile, you can:

NJCUmobile app is ready and at your service.
  • Enroll for courses.
  • Use an interactive map to find your way around campus, including photos and descriptions of each building.
  • Access to View, Add and Drop courses.
  • Access and view Holds, To-Dos and Financial Aid information.
  • View the full NJCU Course Catalog.
  • Find out what courses are scheduled for current and/or future semesters.
  • Learn about important upcoming events and where they will be held.
  • Stay up-to-date on campus happenings and athletic events and scores.
  • Search the NJCU Library catalog.
  • Access your courses in Blackboard Mobile Learn.
  • Use the directory to stay in touch with campus offices and/or your professors.
  • Browse NJCU images and videos in one convenient location.
  • Obtain NJCU emergency information.

The new NJCUmobile app is a project that was designed, implemented and is being maintained by the NJCU Department of Information Technology along with DubLabs.

New Jersey City University (NJCU) is committed to providing easy and comprehensive access to many useful and relevant features as part of the new NJCUmobile app for both our current and prospective students.

We hope you'll enjoy and find the new NJCUmobile app fun, helpful and easy to use. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this mobile app and what additional features you might like to see, please email us at mobile@njcu.edu. Your input is always appreciated and welcome.

NJCUmobile – Worth Exploring!

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NJCUmobile Customer Reviews

★★★★★ Jean-Pierre Santander
Great app Runs smoothly and is very helpful! 
★★★★ Muhammad Sheikh
Very useful app. As an instructor I have downloaded this app. and it works fine. I am able view my course as well as access assignments. 
★★★ Kisha Allgood
Returning user I used this last semester on my phone and it was very helpful 
★★★★ E DubzZz
Love it. I really love with they have done to this app. It's convenient instead of signing in through the web you can just open the app. The one thing j wish they could change is the constant having to login.
★★★★★ Mbida24
Great app
★★★★★ Dman9803
Love it