Information Security

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Information Security

Information Security at NJCU

The purpose of Information Security is to safeguard University information resources against malicious threats and minimize the chances of a potential security breach.

Information Security

Information Resources and Cyber Threats

An information resource is the data and tools such as – email, social media, computer hardware and software, cloud applications – which the University uses to service its community.

Cyber threats relate to those who perform cyberattacks such as a – phishing or ransomware attack – to gain unauthorized access to information resources for malicious purposes.  If successful in compromising an information resource, it could limit or completely prevent the ability for the University to service its community.

Protecting Information Resources against Cyber Threats

The Department of IT implements various security practices to help protect the University against cyber threats.  Some of these efforts include:

  • Training staff members on cybersecurity issues and defenses
  • Performing security assessments for vulnerability detection and remediation
  • Implementing industry standard security tools to improve security posture
  • Developing and implementing information security policies, standards, and processes
  • Monitoring for and responding to cybersecurity incidents

These efforts are part of the Department of IT’s committed towards maintaining a safe environment for everyone within the University community.

For helpful Information Security Definitions, visit the National Institute of Standard and Technology.

Here are a section of commonly used security terms and links to their definitions: