President's Administrative Council

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Council Members

The President’s Administrative Council is comprised of senior academic and administrative staff members who serve as the President’s leadership team. The Council advises the President on issues of broad importance to institutional well-being and success.

As stewards of NJCU’s institutional mission, members of the Council act collectively, providing guidance as well as supporting leadership in establishing short- and long-term strategic and tactical goals for the University.

Tamara Jhashi                                 
Provost and Senior Vice President

Andrés Acebo                   
Interim Chief of Staff to the President

Aaron Aska                                       
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Jodi Bailey                                     
Interim Vice President, Student Affairs

Sue Gerber                                       
Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness

Angel Gonzalez                                      
Chief Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Officer

Jason Kroll                                        
Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Al Ramey                                           
University Counsel

Ben Rohdin                                     
Interim Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Success

James White                                          
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Nurdan Aydin                                   
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

José Balda                                         
Director, Admissions

Julia Basile                                        
Associate Vice President, Human Resources

Alice Blount-Fenney                       
Internal Auditor

Donna Breault                                 
Dean, College of Education

Kwi Brennan
Chief Development Officer
Executive Director, NJCU Foundation

Tamara Cunningham                     
Assistant Vice President, Global Initiatives

Edie Del Vecchio                             
Associate Vice President, Business Services

Michael Edmondson                      
Dean, Professional Education and Lifelong Learning

Interim Dean, College of Professional Studies
Interim Director, Fort Monmouth

Gail Fernandez
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Ron Hurley                                        
Associate Vice President, Public Safety

Faith Jackson                                  
Interim Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Jeff Livingston                                  
Associate Vice President, Real Estate and Capital Projects

Jennifer Luciano
Assistant Dean for Residence Life & Community Engagement

Maria Lynn                              
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Experience (Interim)

Rob Macauley                                  
Director, Financial Aid

Bernie McSherry                             
Dean, School of Business

Budget Officer & Risk Manager

Andre Pearson                                 
Associate Vice President, Building Services

Navin Saiboo                                    

João Sedycias                                   
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Michael Sims                          
Confidential Assistant to the President

Frederick Smith                               
Director, Library

Phyllis Szani                                      
Associate Vice President, Information Technology

Rosemary Tavares                          

Shawn Tucker                                  
Associate Vice President and Director, Athletics

Ashok Vaseatha                              
Executive Director, Office of Research Grants and Sponsored Programs