Executive Summary

New Jersey City University is an institution of higher learning with an audacious goal: the development of our students, our city, our communities, our state, and the world beyond.

students having a conversation in mana contemporary

We are a game-changing force for our students and their families. Whether our students are enrolled in one of our 47 undergraduate programs or 30 graduate programs, NJCU provides an affordable, diverse environment, and an exceptionally supportive faculty. As a place that brings together people of all ages, places, and experiences, our students learn firsthand from classmates in an intercultural exchange that prepares them to be critical thinkers in a global landscape. We enable students to thrive as scholars and professionals.

Exchange Place Jersey City image of building from the pier

We’re also changing the game for our city, our communities, and our state. A few short years ago we opened a state-of-the-art business school on the Hudson Waterfront—and with our help, soon Jersey City’s West side will be completely reimagined as a modern urban village that will include housing, retail, restaurants, and green public spaces. A contemporary academic and performance space will serve as the new home to the internationally known Joffrey Ballet School and will bring a wide variety of music, dance, and theatre to the residents of North Jersey.

Fort Monmouth Main Building Architect Rendering

And building on our 10-year-plus relationship with Brookdale Community College, we’ve become an educational partner in the revitalization of Fort Monmouth to expand our bachelor’s and master’s degree offerings along the Jersey Shore.

And we’re just getting started. At NJCU, we’re not just educating minds, we’re nourishing souls and lifting communities. We’re changing the game.

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