Exploring Careers & Majors

Explore Careers & Majors with FOCUS 2

Create an account in FOCUS 2 to begin uncovering and investigating career and major options today. You will be asked questions related to things already familiar to you such as your personality, life preferences, and more.  After, you will be provided a customized list of possible career aspirations.  A deeper understanding of yourself will give you the confidence you need to make more informed decisions.

FOCUS 2 Provides

  • Self-Assessment
  • Career assessments
  • Occupational information
  • Videos about various career fields
  • Career planning tools
  • Career options by education level
  • Side-by-side occupational comparisons

To Get Started with FOCUS 2

  • Step 1: Create your account by linking to the NJCU FOCUS 2 registration page

  • Step 2: You will need the access code to register. The access code is: gothicknights

  • Step 3: Complete your registration by creating an account.

  • Step 4: After creating an account, the system will prompt you to begin the assessment.

Suggested Assessments

  • Once you are logged in, begin by taking the Career Planning Readiness and Academic Strengths assessments.
  • Then take the PersonalityWork InterestsSkills and Values assessments
  • Be sure to read the results of your Combined Assessments
  • Click on the list of matched careers and begin researching the most current information on industries

Get feedback on your results

  • Process the results with your TLC Counselor
  • Questions?  Contact us at tlc@njcu.edu or call 201-200-2204

For more information on what FOCUS 2 assessment can do for you, view this presentation.