Import & Export Agent Training

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Import & Export Agent Training 

NEW DATES: April 5 through June 30, 2022 (Online)

Whether a small business startup or an established business with years of experience, employees who are up to date on importing and exporting requirements are highly sought after to assist employers with compliance regulations established by U.S. regulatory agencies. NJCU’s Center for Workforce and Community Development is therefore offering the Import & Export Agent Training to provide participants with in-depth foundational knowledge from industry experts and professionals on the processes and procedures needed to become a successful Agent. Program completers will receive a Certificate of Completion from New Jersey City University and an opportunity to meet and interview with employers seeking to fill open positions.

Program Requirements
Participants must be 18 years or older with a high school or GED Diploma.

Schedule and Tuition Information

Professional Development

Dates: 4/5 – 6/30
Tuesdays & Thursdays
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Total Course Hours: 48 Hours

Course Modules: Import & Export (only)

Tuition: $1,295.00

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Workforce - WIOA Funding Available

Important Note: To receive funding through Workforce, students must complete Registration form then go through local One-Stop Career Center for eligibility to participate in program.

Dates: 4/5 – 6/30
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
12:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Total Course Hours: 228 Hours

Course Modules: Import & Export, OSHA 30 with COVID-19, Soft Skills Job Readiness & Financial Literacy for Work

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Training Modules

Import Regulations and Documentation

Study of U.S. import-related regulations, and commercial and transportation documentation. Particular emphasis will be placed on the Customs Regulations (19 CFR) and the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS). Course will cover operations and missions of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP); the roles played by other import agencies; Informed Compliance and Reasonable Care frameworks; the roles of the licensed U.S. Customs Broker; the Entry Process; the Importer of Record; Customs Bonds; Pre-Importation and Security filings; Incoterms 2020; Quotas, Anti-Dumping and Countervailing duties; Entry Documentation; Valuation; Tariff Classification; Country of Origin and Marking Laws; Recordkeeping; Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures; Administrative and Judicial Review; and the C-TPAT security program. 

Export Regulations and Documentation

Study of U.S. export-related regulations and commercial and transportation documentation. Particular emphasis will be placed on the Export Administration Regulations and the Foreign Trade Regulations. Course will cover developing an export strategy; classifying products for export via the Schedule B; Intellectual Property Rights; Incoterms® 2020; packing and insurance; getting paid; selecting freight forwarders; export documentation: export clearance procedures and export screening lists; Electronic Export Information filings and the  Automated Export System; potential export violations; fines, penalties, and forfeitures; documenting compliance and recordkeeping; and the creation and implementation of export compliance management programs. 

OSHA 30 with COVID-19 Addendum – Wallet card issued (WIOA students only)

The 30-hour OSHA Outreach course provides training on an expanded list of safety topics associated with workplace hazards, including the identification, avoidance, reduction, and prevention of workplace hazards. This course also provides overview of the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees under the OSH Act (credentials awarded). This course also includes COVID – 19 Training. Students will learn the history of COVID and basic biology and microorganisms. This module will also cover the various PPEs and appropriate sources to gain up-to-date information on the pandemic.

COVID – 19 Training 

  • Introduction & Overview
    • Students will look into sources of information to review: peer reviews, popular press, government websites, trade-publications and YouTube. Students will also learn about basic biology and microorganisms. 
  • The History of COVID
    • Students will learn how we got here. What is Covid? How we test, evaluate and test in the ambient environment. They will also learn basic Contact Tracing. 
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Students will learn about the use and limitations of PPEs such as, respiratory protection, protective suits/gloves and eye protection. As well as basic decontamination, cleaning and evaluation. 
  • Review and Questions
    • Finally, students will get to review all of the information provided throughout the training and the opportunity for final questions and evaluation of the course.

Soft Skills Job Readiness Training (WIOA students only) 

Students will be prepared on how to land a job. They will learn how to brand oneself as a product and how to showcase that the product can meet the needs of the consumer (the employer). Students will also get to create a Cover Letter, Resume, hardcopy and electronic Portfolio (i.e. LinkedIn). Students will also learn teamwork and effective communication. They will study and practice occupation specific communication skills, to foster productive interactions with managers, peers, personnel and customers. At the end of this course, students will have the necessary information about themselves coupled with the training they have received to successfully land a remain a valued contributor to the team.

Financial Literacy Training (WIOA students only)

Students will learn the importance of getting a job and understand the components of a paystub. Students will also learn to differentiate between various types of financial institutions and research the banking that fits their needs. Additionally, students will be able to identify and explain the meaning of key financial terms, budgeting, managing credit, saving for the future and protecting oneself with insurance

Course Instructor

Ken Behr headshot

Ken M. Behr
Customs and International trade lawyer

With 30+ Years in the industry, Ken Behr is a customs and international trade lawyer and licensed U.S. Customs Broker. He is also a former U.S. Customs Officer (Senior Inspector and Import Specialist) stationed at land, air and sea ports of entry. While with U.S. Customs at the Port of New York/Newark, he was a member of the agency's export control branch. He is excited to bring his wealth of knowledge and experience to this program.

To contact the NJCU Center for Workforce and Community Development reach out via email to or call 201-200-2462.