Real Estate Workforce Development Programs

75 Hour Real Estate Pre-Licensing

This is the in-class real estate course required by the New Jersey State Real Estate Commission. Our classes are taught by seasoned professionals, with years of experience in grooming new real estate agents. Each session has guest speakers that give you access to real-life scenarios and tips that go beyond just passing the test. Courses come complete with supplemental curriculum to help students pass both the NJ and NY state tests. (You must pass your NJ state test before applying to take your NY state test. We do all the paperwork for you.) This course includes everything one needs to pass the NJ state exam including:

• License Law
• Forms of Ownership
• Contracts
• Landlord and Tenant
• Appraisals
• Listing Agreements
• Ethical and Fair Housing Issues
• Mortgages
• NJ Real Estate Commission Rules
• Agency and Brokerage
• Deeds
• Closing of Title

After completing the course and passing the school test, the student receives Certification to take the NJ state exam. Then, after successfully passing the exam, and receiving a background check demonstrating good character, the student may apply for a license through an employing Broker of their choice. Registration link.