General Education

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About the General Education Program

Welcome to Gen Ed at NJCU!


Check out the General Education course listings pages of the NJCU course catalog by clicking the links below.


The General Education program provides students with invaluable learning experiences across a wide range of academic fields. While major and minor programs focus on specific disciplines, the Gen Ed program ensures that all students, regardless of major, explore a range of scholarly approaches. While its scope is broad, Gen Ed prioritizes in-depth, active learning and emphasizes essential skills building for success in college and beyond.

You can find the most up to date Gen ED requirements in the NJCU catalog here. If you have questions about these requirements, please see your academic advisor.


The General Education program is built around the six university-wide learning outcomes. In addition to discipline-specific skills defined for each Gen Ed course, at least two University-wide Student Learning Outcomes are covered and assessed in every Gen Ed course. Students strive to achieve the University-wide Student Learning Outcomes in each Gen Ed course across the three Tiers of Gen Ed. By the end of the program, you will have taken at least two courses in each of these outcome.

The specific dimensions or performance criteria for each outcome appear on the program rubrics. The rubrics are adapted from AAC&U VALUE rubrics and used by faculty to score students' end-of-semester signature assignments for program assessment.

Download the rubrics here:

Please email contact your academic advisor with questions about any aspect of the General Education program.