Substitutions and Waivers

Only advisors may apply for substitutions and waivers.

The General Education program has been carefully developed by the faculty at NJCU to provide students with the skills and knowledge to ensure success in their civic, professional, and personal life. For that reason, all General Education requirements are essential, and substitutions and waivers are granted only when compelling circumstances exist and the exception upholds the integrity of the General Education Program. In the absence of exceptional circumstances, only approved courses may be used to meet General Education requirements.

Please note the following: 

  • Advisors requesting to waive or substitute a course for a General Education requirement for an advisee must submit this form and supporting documentation for review; this form should not be completed by students.
  • Substitution requests should be made in advance of the student enrolling in the substitute course; avoid retroactively applying for substitutions.
  • Given that requests take time to evaluate and successful requests take time to process, a request must be made sufficiently far in advance of when the substitute course is scheduled.
  • It is also not appropriate to use these requests to resolve last minute issues with graduation clearance.
  • Advisors are strongly encouraged to balance requests for substitutions/waivers of General Education requirements with similar requests of major requirements.  

Unacceptable Reasons for Requesting a Substitution or Waiver

The following is a non-exhaustive list of unacceptable reasons for basing a request for substitution or waiver:

  • The student did not understand the General Education requirements.
  • The student would like to complete their major or minor requirements faster.
  • The student believes a non-approved course is suitably similar to an approved General Education course.
  • The student is not interested in taking courses within the General Education program.
  • The student has struggled to pass approved General Education courses.
  • The student does not wish to take scheduled General Education courses in the scheduled modalities or times.

Advisors may apply for the substitution or waiver on the student’s behalf.