Harvard Business School Credential of Readiness at NJCU (CORe)

Harvard Business School Credential of Readiness at NJCU (CORe)

Three ways to earn the Harvard Credential of Readiness (CORe) at NJCU

Jump start your career with a professional certificate. All the preparation you need for entering the MBA program. Undergraduate transfer credits for high performers (coming soon).

  • Earn a Credential of Readiness issued by Harvard Business School Online.
  • Taught online by world class Harvard Business School Online faculty with an in person class led by NJCU instructor - coaches who are best-in-class industry professionals.
  • Course focuses on developing basic fluency in analytics, economics, and financial accounting.
  • Build a foundational set of skills that can help you get ahead.

Welcome to NJCU School of Business and to the collaboration with Harvard Business School’s digital learning initiative—Harvard Business School Online CORe.

Through Harvard Business School Online, students will engage with material through case-method instruction from HBS faculty and interact with participants from diverse backgrounds and experiences. In addition to the online material, in-person classes led by NJCU instructors, who are best-in-class industry professionals, will help to coach you through the online material as you are introduced to real-world scenarios.

This 150-hour program will provide you with the tools needed to develop skills in analytics, economics, and financial accounting and will conclude with a proctored exam (no additional fee) to earn the Credential of Readiness issued by Harvard Business School Online!

Note that Harvard Business School Online CORe is offered throughout the year with multiple durations of study—ranging from accelerated 8-week cohorts to extended 17-week cohorts. However, the course content and program requirements are identical regardless of the program length.


"It's learning how to work with a team, work with your cohorts around the world, learning how to acquire knowledge, rather than just listening to a professor, or reading a book."
-Edward O’Connor, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.

"What the students learn from this package prepares them for the advanced content found in courses to follow."
Dr. John Donnellan, current chair of the Management Department and former Vice President of JPMorgan for Liquidity

"It's as much being a coach as being a trainer..."
Rick Mayell, currently assistant professor of Finance with 40 years of career experience on Wall Street at JPMorgan, private banking sector.







"If I did not take this program, I don't think I'd be ready to go on to take my MBA or my Masters degree. I'm very grateful to be part of it."
Judith Crane, student


Isabel Casais, M.B.A
Assistant to the Dean for Graduate Enrollment
(201) 200-3230

Wanda Rutledge, MBA, Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Business Programs and Associate Professor, Management Department

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