Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education Functions

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The Dr. Dorothy E. Denning Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education is designed to serve the NJCU community through support of faculty and student research, career placement and the development of teaching laboratories in IA. The Center serves the larger public community in efforts to better protect their information systems from malicious intrusions. Public awareness of risks and threats to various information systems is a primary goal of the Center.

A Center Advisory Board provides direction to ensure the Center fulfills its role within NJCU's strategic plan - Vision 2010. In addition, the Board attracts individuals from the American Society for Industrial Security - International (ASIS), the Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO), Homeland Security Defense Education Consortium Association (HSDECA), federal, state, and local law enforcement, and corporations.

Through these efforts at the federal level the National Security Agency, now in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security, developed the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAEIAE) Program. This effort is an outreach program designed to reduce vulnerabilities in our National information infrastructure by encouraging higher education in Information Assurance, and creating professionals with IA expertise.

Universities that are designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education receive formal recognition from the U.S. Government as well as the ability to offer scholarships and granting opportunities to both students and faculty. In conjunction with the CAEIAE Program, NSA and the Department of Homeland Security sponsor a number of workshops through the Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education (CISSE) and also sponsor a Senior Executive Academic Liaison (SEAL) program. The goal of all such programs is improve the quality Information Assurance education.

Functions supported by the center include:

  1. Coordinate NJCU activities in Information Assurance
  2. Organize NJCU based research and publication in Information Assurance
  3. Provide advice and consultation to neighboring companies and small businesses concerning security in computing and Information Assurance
  4. Offer leadership to surrounding community colleges and technical schools
  5. Support and synchronize the participation of NJCU professors in seeking external funding for enhancing Information Assurance offerings at NJCU
  6. Procure and maintain partnerships between NJCU and strongly security oriented companies in the vicinity.
  7. Promote faculty and student awareness of Information Assurance at NJCU
  8. Provide internship opportunities for students to gain hands on experience as they work with faculty research projects and/or community projects
  9. Coordinate courses in Information Assurance as they are taught at NJCU by the various departments involved with the Institute
  10. Provide training and certification seminars and workshops for businesses and other partner institutions