National Center of Academic Excellence

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National Center of Academic Excellence


Jointly Designated by the National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security


The Dr. Dorothy E. Denning Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education is a multidisciplinary Center that supports New Jersey City University's (NJCU) mission as an institution that provides its diverse population of students, faculty and community with scholarship and pragmatic approaches to the field of Information Assurance. Information Assurance is generally defined to include cyber security, cyber forensics, data quality, data completeness, data accuracy, privacy and issues associated with the storage, communication and sharing of data and information. Dr. Dorothy E. Denning is the namesake of the Center in recognition of her pioneering work in the field, during a period of our Nation's history when women were severely underrepresented in the sciences. The Center involves faculty and students from across the University in teaching and learning, service projects and research. The Center aligns itself with faculty and students at other institutions such as Community and other four-year Colleges. The overall mission is to enhance the security and integrity of information within the geographical region, with future plans to extend nationally and beyond.

The Information Assurance Program at NJCU takes a leadership role within information assurance and cyber security by contributing to the Homeland Defense initiative. NJCU's Information Assurance Program does this by:

  • Producing graduates in Information Assurance at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Providing internship opportunities for students to gain hands on experience as they work with faculty research projects or community projects.
  • Collaborating with other Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance to strengthen the National Security Agency's program in information assurance.
  • Working together with companies in New Jersey, New York, and surrounding areas engaged in security research.
  • Increasing awareness in security and encourage local companies to participate in security by facilitating conferences and workshops in the area of information assurance and cyber security. This is envisioned with partnerships through professional security organizations.

Additionally, because of NJCU's strategic location in proximity to urban settings, the Center promotes the field of Information Assurance and cyber security consistent with the United States Homeland Security Department.


The primary purpose of this Center is to promote the study of Information Assurance and to celebrate Dr. Dorothy E. Denning, whose pioneering efforts in Information Assurance support the mission and rationale of the Center. Another purpose of the Center is to develop opportunities for students in the area of Information Assurance. Opportunities are designed to assist faculty/student interactions in research, presentations, publications and workshops. The Center's goal is to coordinate efforts to insure that students in the differing information tracks on campus are afforded opportunities to be involved in collaborative research in Information Assurance. Further the Center is established to assist students in job placement and career planning. Since NJCU is seeking recognition as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance with the National Security Agency, students will have a number of unique opportunities for employment and internships. Such efforts will be coordinated from the Center.