Biology Joint Degree and Dual-Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science
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About This Degree

For the student interested in pursuing a career in biomedical research, dentistry, podiatric or osteopathic medicine, New Jersey City University has established formal affiliation agreements with the Rutgers University School of Health Professions (RU-SHP) and New York College of Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM). These affiliation agreements provide, but do not guarantee, access to these programs. A minimum grade of “B” must be attained in each Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics course to be eligible to remain in certain programs. Any student who withdraws from any of these program concentrations prior to graduation is required to complete General Education and Major Department requirements applicable to the BA/BS degree in Biology including those previously waived for the aforementioned programs. 


Biomedical Sciences B.S.-Ph.D. Dual Degree Option with Rutgers University School of Health Professions 

Since 1994, New Jersey City University, in collaboration with the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences of the Rutgers University School of Health Professions (RU-SHP), has offered a unique educational program in which qualified students prepare to pursue a Ph.D. in the Biomedical Sciences. Students admitted to this undergraduate-graduate degree program are required to follow a course of study in Biology or Chemistry at New Jersey City University. During the B.S. phase of study, students are required to participate in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program at Rutgers. Upon successful completion of prescribed coursework at New Jersey City University, students continue their studies at RU-SHP. In the Ph.D. phase of study, students typically receive financial aid in the form of tuition waiver and a graduate fellowship. Upon completing the entire program, students will be awarded a B.S. degree from New Jersey City University and a Ph.D. degree from RU-SHP.

Several suggested course sequences were designed to facilitate the timely completion of required courses at New Jersey City University prior to the graduate phase of the program at RU-SHP. Application for admission to the combined BS-PhD program should be made by March 1st of the sophomore year.

Each student applying for this degree option will be evaluated on an individual basis. Students must maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.0 in all coursework and in each science course required for admission to the Ph.D. phase of study. Students should consult with the faculty advisor by end of the freshman year to determine how to best plan a curriculum for this program.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Laura Pannaman
Science Building, 4th Floor, 201-200-3054