Readmit Students

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Readmit Students

New Jersey City University Readmit Students Application Process

First determine if you are a Readmit Applicant: A readmit applicant is someone who has been enrolled in a degree-seeking program at New Jersey City University (NJCU) but is no longer eligible to register for classes and must reapply.

Who is a Readmit Applicant?

  1. Readmits are formerly degree seeking students who were fully matriculated and took classes at NJCU and did not enroll for two or more consecutive semesters (Fall/Spring).
  2. This population also includes students who left on academic action, such as probation and/or suspension and now would like to return to the University.
  3. If you graduated from NJCU and want to return to earn another undergraduate degree, you are a readmit regardless of the amount of time that elapsed between when you want to return and your graduation.

You are NOT considered a readmit:

  1. If you have submitted an application in the past but never attended classes at NJCU. You are Not Readmit.
  2. If you were a visiting student or took a course as a non-degree seeking students, you are Not Readmit.

If you have read the above and have determined that you are a Readmit student, then follow the process below:

  1. All Readmits must fill out a Readmit Application at
  2. Application fee is waived for readmit students.


Readmits, regardless of standing, who have attended other institutions after leaving New Jersey City University will need to provide official transcripts to the admissions office before a decision is granted. 

Please request your official transcript(s) to be sent electronically to

Or via mail/hardcopy

New Jersey City University
University Admissions, Hepburn Hall Room 207
2039 John F. Kennedy Blvd
Jersey City, NJ 07305