The NJCU COVID-19 Archive Project

Photo of Illustration of a person breathing up into the sky with the decorative word "Breathe"

The NJCU COVID-19 Archive Project

The COVID-19 Archive

We are documenting COVID-19

Please follow the links on this page to explore what our NJCU community has contributed.

Page Title artwork submitted by Tionna Watson.

What is the NJCU COVID-19 Archive?

The COVID-19 Archive is an exhibit, an archive, a research project, and an ongoing documentation of a community response to the pandemic and its impact on our everyday life. Since spring of 2020 our community at NJCU has engaged in creating an archive of a difficult and historic time that includes our individual and collective response to the pandemic. Starting in 2020, our community has expanded the effort to conduct interviews and research, assemble photo documentations, write essays, and create illustrations to tell our stories of this challenging time.

This archive is solely created by members of the NJCU community and those who are connected to us.

How to Submit Work

About the NJCU Community Behind this Archive

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  • Drawing of Nurses in an Emergency Room

    Visual Submissions

    Design, drawing, painting, illustration, photograph, sculpture, and video.
    “Nurses” submitted by Alexis Castaneda


  • Artwork featuring a collage of charts and graphs about COVID-19

    Text Submissions

    Charts and graphs, email correspondence, essays, interviews, memoirs, reports, research projects, personal narratives, poems, and fiction.
    “A Week in a Life of College Student” submitted by Jasmine Shaw.


  • Hands opening a handmade book titled Are You Upset

    Audio Submissions

    Podcasts, interviews, original music, spoken word, poetry, and audio.
    “Are you upset: A Visual Book of Box Breathing.” submitted by Jin Jung.


  • NYC Panorama titled An Exquisite Corpse Poem: In the Air Summer 2020

    Multimedia Submissions

    Short film/video, podcast, blog postings, social media, website, multimedia documentation of music, dance, and performance.
    “In the Air: Summer 2020” submitted by Ann Wallace.