Oracle/PeopleSoft Upgrade

Photo of NJCU Department of Information Technology

Oracle/PeopleSoft Upgrade

PeopleSoft serves as the primary platform for various academic and professional tasks at NJCU. It acts as the official record-keeping system for academic and staff management at the university. The GothicNet portal is the interface through which nearly all NJCU community members, including students, staff, faculty, and administrators, engage with PeopleSoft.

PeopleSoft applications at NJCU include:

Human Capital Management (HCM): This PeopleSoft module suite aids in managing employee and HR functions. It allows end users to view their salary and update personal data. The Human Resources and Payroll Offices use it for job data entry, while the Provost’s Budget Office can access faculty contracts through it.

Campus Solution (CS): This module includes Student Administration (Admissions, Graduate Financial Support, Student Financials, Student Records, and Financial Aid). Students can use self-service options to enroll in classes, update address and phone details, view their university bill, manage financial aid, and access course schedules, grades, and transcript information. Faculty and academic advisors can use it to enter and modify grades and view advisee class schedules.

Financial Management System (FMS): This suite of PeopleSoft modules is used for managing financial processes. The FMS suite includes General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Grants, Account Receivable, Asset Management, Budget, and other modules.