ORGSP Services

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ORGSP Services

If you would like to discuss your project ideas, find out what kind of funding might be available, or learn how to use online funding research tools, please contact the Office directly at (201) 200-3364.

Additional links have been created in order to assist faculty and staff in their grant-seeking efforts.

Grant Writing Resources

Our Writing Tips page provides useful tips and advice to be used when writing a proposal.

Under the University Facts link you will find background information on NJCU that is usually requested by most funders. The information found under this link (in template form) may be used, as is, in any application being submitted on behalf of NJCU.

Pre-Award Services

  • Discuss search strategy, proposal development, best practices, and funding agency reviews with faculty and staff
  • Identify possible funding sources
  • Develop and prepare proposal budgets
  • Review proposals for formatting, accuracy, and adherence to funding agency requirements
  • With sufficient lead time, provide editing, re-writing, and proofreading services
  • Complete agency forms, assurances and certifications, and when necessary, provide institutional statistics
  • Assist with online proposal applications and electronic submissions
  • Negotiate award terms and conditions with federal and non-federal sponsors

Post-Award Services

  • Ensure compliance with institutional and funding agency requirements and guidelines
  • Plan kick-off meetings with project, ORGSP, grant accounting personnel, and external partners
  • Assist with developing agreements with external grant partners
  • Assist with budget revisions, carryovers, project continuation, and no-cost extension requests
  • Liaise with Controller and Grant Accountant
  • Provide guidance in procuring equipment, services and supplies
  • Review interim and final programmatic reports
  • Meet with faculty and staff to discuss all aspects of post-award grant management


Ensure NJCU’s compliance with:

  • the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Human Research Protection Institutional Review Board guidelines
  • the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Research Integrity’s guidelines governing research activities.
  • state and federal regulations governing research in specified areas.