Office of Research, Grants, and Sponsored Programs

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Office of Research, Grants, and Sponsored Programs

About the ORGSP



The mission of the Office of Research, Grants, and Sponsored Programs (ORGSP) is to serve faculty, staff, and students by facilitating their scholarly and creative activities. The ORGSP’s overarching goal is to protect the interests of NJCU and ensure that all related activities are compliant with federal, state, local, and University laws, rules, and guidelines. The ORGSP supports the mission and vision of NJCU and develops and initiates creative ways to bring resources to the University.


The NJCU ORGSP provides services that make applying for a grant more efficient and less stressful for members of the campus community. The ORGSP offers vital resources to faculty and staff seeking grant funding for research, professional development, student support and services, and other campus activities. The ORGSP continues to assist grant-seekers and recipients across the entire award spectrum and throughout the grant's life-cycle. The Office also provides guidance on federal and state regulations and manages the review, approval, and processing of grant proposals and the submission of programmatic reports. 


The ORGSP services include, but are not limited to, assistance, advice, and mentoring with: budget and proposal preparation; funding searches and identification; proposal submission, and awards management. These services are delivered through workshops, presentations, outreach, the website, and individual and group meetings.


The vision of the ORGSP is to procure appropriate information systems, implement best practices, and provide the best experience possible for faculty, staff, and students. High among the Office's priorities is professional development for ORGSP staff, faculty, and other University personnel.

Please email all requests for support, services, meetings, or other assistance to with a copy to Valerie Rodriguez at on each email.