Bidding Opportunities

Photo of Hepburn tower

Bidding Opportunities posted on this page will appear on or after the public bid ad is placed in the Star Ledger.

Note: Potential Bidders, please refer to the formal bid advertisement as posted in the Star Ledger for the request for proposal specific requirements, including time and dates for meeting and bid openings.

Access details for any of the individual bidding opportunities listed below. You will be required to complete a short online form and then you will be re-directed to a page with access to the additional bidding details for each available bid listed below.

***Please note that the same process will have to be followed to download subsequent information, including addendums.



Pre-Bid Meeting Date       

21-009 Collection Services None
21-012 Assessment Platform for Accreditation and Student Success for the School of Business


21-027 Athletic Training and Medical Services None
21-030 Travel Services at New Jersey City University None