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Network Services

The Department of IT provides the following network services for all users of the campus community.

NJCU now provides wireless connectivity to all locations on the Main Campus, both inside buildings and on the campus grounds. Plans are currently on the way to expand services for better performance. For connection details, visit the NJCU Wifi page.

Remote Network Access through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection is a service that allows NJCU employees, contractors, and consultants to access the campus network and network services from off campus over the public Internet. By utilizing the public Internet for data transport, VPN provides a low cost, secure solution to remote access or connectivity. In effect, this allows members of the University community to access NJCU network resources as if they were on campus. It is an essential tool for those who need to work while off campus. For additional information, please see the Remote Access FAQs.

Remote Network Access - Policy & Procedures

Faculty and Staff Online Request FORM

For access to the University network through NJCU authorized VPN software, please complete this online form. Helpdesk staff will process your request under normal priority as defined in the SLA. By submitting this form and installing the VPN software you agree to NJCU policy on Information Security & Confidentiality.

Consultant and Contractor Online Request Form
Consultant and contractors should complete this multi-page FORM. All form questions must be answered completely and accurately in order to process your request. To ensure timely processing please read through the list of questions and prepare your answers before filling out the form. This document includes links to related policies and guidelines that govern remote access.

Accessing Your Work Desktop Computer
This document provides instructions for logging into the University network from off-campus and accessing your work computer. Please note that some screenshots may appear slightly different from what you may be seeing on your computer, but the general procedure is still the same. If you are using Windows 10, Please use this VPN instructions (for Windows 10 Only).

Data Network Storage is a service offered by the Department of IT that utilizes Network Attached Storage (NAS) technology to provide a private data storage space for faculty, staff and students to save important, university-related documents and files. Contents of this server are backed up daily, offering a high degree of recoverability for lost and damaged files. For additional information, please see the Network Storage FAQs.

Network Storage Policy & Procedures
Network Storage Guidelines Recommended guidelines for storing data on the NAS drive. This document is focused on the creation of a departmental filing system. However, it can be used as guidelines for personal storage and backup as well.

Using Network Storage
Helpful HINTS on the use of network storage folders

Network Storage - Online Request Form
All university departments interested in acquiring centralized network must fill out and submit this online FORM.

In an effort to contain costs and provide better controls on the consumption of paper and printing products, NJCU is promoting the use of departmental network-attached printer/copiers as a replacement for the single-function copier. The cost savings are significant. Operating costs per page is less than a penny as compared to a standard computer-attached printer at approximately three cents a page. Sharing printers also allow the university to invest in units with better resolution and multi-function capabilities.

Using the Multi-function Network Printer/Copier

This document provides complete, step-by-step details with pictures on how to install and use the multi-function network printer/copier. (7 pages)

Using the Multi-function Network Printer/Copier, Abbr.

For those who are familiar with multi-function printers/copiers, this is a two-page abbreviated version of the Multi-function Network Printer full document.

One or more of the links on this page open Adobe PDF documents. If you require Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is free), in order to view these documents you can download it directly from the Adobe website.