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Connect with Staff


Connect with Staff! 

Venida with wrap

Venida (She, Her, Hers/ Director)

Venida brings a sense of centeredness to the Center, and the ability to bring different identities together. She brings education, advocacy, support and fun. Venida ensures there is a seat at the table for everyone. For those who have been traumatized, she brings calm and peace. She helps them find healing so academically they can succeed. Venida brings people together on campus and the community. Her desire is to persist until all people are seen, heard and free.


Chrystal New

Chrystal (She, Her, Hers/ Program Assistant)

Chrystal brings a can-do attitude filled with a world of possibilities. Chrystal brings high heels one day and sneakers the next. Chrystal brings the magical world of Hogwarts. Chrystal brings her “light skin” to challenge your colorism. Chrystal brings a creative soul who can’t put down the paint brush. Chrystal brings the L in LGBTQIA. Chrystal brings an open mind and an open heart to all who come to the Center.


Gia (He, Him, His, They, Them, Theirs / Graduate Assistant) 


Gia brings a cheerful attitude and a productive mindset to the center. He is a very kind person who loves to laugh, talk about their dog, be Italian, break the binary, and of course watch anime. Gia is a proud trans person,  passionate about education and the power it holds to enlighten one about the many injustices this world has faced. He has a BA in Psychology & Media Arts with a minor in WGST LGBTQIA+ Studies. Gia brings an open and understanding mind with compassionate soul to welcome all. 


Ashley (She, her, hers/ Student Staff)

Ashley brings a mixture of science and creativity.
She uses her love of writing and poetry to advocate for diversity especially concerning the inclusivity of children with special needs.
Ashley has a long term goal to witness a time when race, gender, ethnicity, and beliefs are not considered limitations to anyone’s aspirations.
As a biology and chemistry major with a Nigerian background, she hopes and advocates for more diversity in STEM.
Ashley believes that everyone should take action when they think action is needed and to strive to be anything but a bystander.


Sherise (She, Her, Hers/ Student Staff)

Sherise brings an open mind and heart, having compassion and empathy for the people she comes across and interacts with. Having gone through unfortunate situations including a medical condition and bullying for her speech, Sherise understands the importance of treating other people with respect and kindness, a treatment she believes everyone is worthy of receiving. Sherise brings her Ghanian culture and a tremendous amount of respect and appreciation for other cultures around the world. She brings warmth, strength, and encouragement for people to use their voices and make their marks on the world. She brings knowledge in Criminal Justice and Women and Gender Studies, and emphasizes the importance of race, gender, and various other identities and how they affect our everyday lives and how important it is to be inclusive of all these identities. Sherise advocates for the practice of self-care and establishment of safe spaces for people that are marginalized due to their identities and recognizes how important it is for them to have places where they can connect with those like them and feel comfortable enough to express themselves without consequence and judgement.  


Rachel (She, Her, Hers/ Student Staff)

Rachel brings a cheerful presence to the Center while also diligently working towards supporting the goals of those around her. Rachel makes sure to often ornament herself with accessories to express herself as she wishes others could express themselves freely to feel at home with her. She brings forth a mystical sense of creativity who makes origami gifts for her friends and gives love to all those around her. Rachel also brings her Filipino heritage to the table to help those who struggle with academic burnout, or the pressures given by family to succeed. She applies her love for psychology to all people that she meets to assist them in any way that she can. Rachel hopes that those around her can genuinely smile, do cathartic cries, and to especially make sure they are taken care of. 




Patrick (They,Them,Theirs/Student Staff)

Patrick brings a hardworking, studious approach to the center. As a history major, Patrick strives to share their love of history to those around them and share the history of peoples’ whose history may not be shared otherwise. Patrick is a part of the LGBT+ community and has a minor in sexuality studies, which they use to learn more about their community and better help those who may be struggling with their identities as well. They are understanding and sincere, always ready to lend a helping hand or actively listen to whoever needs it.