Resume and Interview Workshop
Joshua Iannuzi, the Internship Coordinator for NJCU, joined NJCU FMA members and spoke about resume building techniques, interview techniques and spoke about professionalism on your online presence and in everyday life.

New York Stock Exchange Tour
We received an exclusive tour of the New York Stock Exchange. We learned about the history of the NYSE and how current traders are making their determinations on what stocks are worth purchasing and what stocks are not.

Financial Leaders’ Conference
Our student leaders and members attended the Financial Leaders’ Conference. We were given tours to Nasdaq,  Bloomberg, Venmo and other big financial institutions! We also had the privilege of listening to amazing presentations by industry leaders.

New York Fed Guest Speaker
The Assistant Vice President of the NY Federal Reserve, Christopher Hunter, visited NJCU and spoke to our members on the Fed Banking Supervision & Risk Regulation.

Career Panel Discussion
Representatives from J.P. Morgan, Merrill Edge, ViewTrade Securities, Investors Bank and Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation visited our members. We received insights on how to connect with these companies and personal stories of the representatives’ day-to-day and how they ended up at their respective companies.

Upcoming Events

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