Fiona Moore

Fiona Moore is a Senior in the NJCU Honors Program and the 2022-2023 Mock Trial Team Captain and recipient of the AMTA All- Regional Outstanding Attorney Award. She is the NJCU Honors Council President and a member of the NJCU Women’s Golf Team. Fiona is a Political Science Major with a focus in International Relations and an aspiring Law Student. Outside of the classroom, Fiona can be found spending time with her friends, family, and dog in her hometown of Old Bridge, New Jersey. She is a classically trained cellist, a student athlete, and a dance instructor. Her favorite things include Legally Blonde, true crime documentaries, eating sushi and enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Executive Board


Melina is a Senior at NJCU concentrating in Criminal Justice with a minor in Pre-Law. On campus, Melina is the Social Media Manager and a contributing writer for the Gothic Times newspaper. Melina is a former Student Ambassador and an ASCEND Peer Mentor for incoming freshmen.

Outside of school, Melina was working as a field organizer for the Solomon City Council campaign in Jersey City in 2021. She was also doing constituent work as an aid to James Solomon before the campaigning season. Melina is currently interning for Assignment Judge Jablonski in the Hudson County Superior Court while working as a paralegal in a law firm in New York City. Melina would like to pursue law in the future and is looking forward to taking the LSAT soon. After school and work, Melina enjoys going to concerts, getting coffee or going to dinner with friends, and exploring new places.


Cesar is a Junior studying Philosophy with a secondary in Finance. On campus, Cesar is an active member of NJCU Drea[me]rs which works to provide support and resource services to immigrant, refugee, and international students.

Outside of Mock Trial, Cesar volunteers with Make the Road New Jersey on projects serving immigrant and minority communities and is involved with civic-engagement organizations in his city. He is also a vehement advocate for the pineapple pizza community.


Mia Pepe is a Senior in the NJCU Honors Program and the team’s current Director of Public Relations. She was an AMTA All-Regionals Witness Award recipient (2021-22). She is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology. In the future, she plans to attend graduate school and eventually become a school or clinical psychologist. No matter the time of day, Mia has a passion for helping people out and making them smile.

Outside of classes, Mia can be found working as a substitute teacher for Bayonne Board of Education. She is also a freelance digital/visual artist who does commissions in her spare time. Mia enjoys playing various musical instruments such as the flute, piano and ukulele. Her favorite things include sci-fi novels and films, comic books, and drinking authentic British tea.


Stella Bajor-Gil is the Director of Training and Witness Development on New Jersey City University’s Mock Trial Team. She is currently a Junior in the Honors Program at New Jersey City University studying Criminal Justice, Political Science, and Pre-Law. She first joined the Mock Trial Team during her freshman year and has loved it ever since. Stella loves a challenge and enjoys making her witnesses’ characters unique, personable, and humorous. From props to accents, she’s done it all. With this newfound position on the team, she now teaches other team members to do the same, all while now competing as an attorney.

Outside of the classroom, or should we say courtroom, Stella can be found creating and admiring art, going to the gym, listening to and enjoying good music, and trying out new and fun restaurants. In the future, Stella aspires to join law enforcement or become a lawyer. Her objective in life is to positively impact underserved communities through empowerment initiatives in social justice and economic mobility.

Team Members


Leandra is currently a junior at NJCU pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Marketing along with a minor in Political Science. Leandra is also currently a social media intern for a start-up movie critic and interviewer. Her main career goal is to work in the music industry someday.

Outside of school and work, Leandra can be found at concerts quite frequently. It is one of her many favorite things to do other than binge-reading a few books, going out with her friends, or taking the time to relax at home with her cat.


Jose Vargas is currently a senior at NJCU, majoring in criminal justice. His plans are to become a PART time police officer, while going to graduate school. After obtaining his masters, he plans to become a special agent for the FBI. Being part of Federal Bureau of Investigation has been his dream since he was a kid.

Outside of school he is just a regular person. Someone kindhearted and devoted to help people in need.


Beatriz Pascoal is a Senior at NJCU. She is currently pursuing a degree in Political Science along with minoring in Pre-Law and Ethnic and Immigration Studies. In the future, she plans on attending Law School and eventually becoming an Immigration Attorney.

Outside of school, Beatriz runs a help center for immigrants who need help starting a business. She also is a bookkeeper for a Monmouth County construction company, HR Design & Build, LLC, and provides document translation services. In her spare time, she enjoys playing golf, tennis, visiting breweries, and cooking. 


Joshua McCall is an undergraduate senior at NJCU majoring in Social Work. He has participated as part of the NJCU Gothic Times as well as the NJCU Sociology Club.

Beyond NJCU, Joshua has served almost 10 years with the US Federal Government with the Department of Homeland Security. In the future Joshua plans to pursue his MSW and JD and become a mitigation specialist for the U.S Courts. Joshua is passionate about advocacy and a public service. His passion runs deeper than the micro level as Joshua aspires to work for either the United Nations or the U.S Foreign Service in the department of Social Economic Development.


Yasmin Guardarrama is a Freshman in the NJCU Honors program. Having just started the team fall of 2022 she is excited to start competing and learn from the team’s senior members. Majoring in Political Science, Yasmin is working toward law school and to one day become an attorney. Her main goal is to be the first woman of her family to graduate college and inspire her younger cousins to do the same.

When she is not on campus Yasmin is an active member of her Church in her hometown of Elizabeth, NJ. During her free time, you can find her reading and watching anime with her friends.


Andrea Izaguirre is a Freshman in the New Jersey City Honors Program, member of the Mock Trial Team and a first-generation college student. She’s currently pursuing a major in Philosophy with a Co-major in English Education and a Minor in Pre-Law.She was born and raised in Honduras, living there 18 years of her life till she moved to the United Stated of America in 2021. She is 19 years old, and she speaks both Spanish and English.

In the future, she plans to go to Law School and she’s determined to make that happen, she wants to work in the legal field. She likes to swim, read, and listen to Taylor Swift. She wants to go back to her country and help young people fulfill their dreams. She’s humble and very passionate about people and things she loves. Being humble, grateful and respectful are some of her personal qualities.


Nicolle Vilca is a sophomore in the NJCU Programs. She is currently pursuing a degree in Biology. In the future, she plans to attend medical school. Nicolle enjoys giving back to her community and is a member of the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps to help others. She is involved in the non-profit, Truth Initiative to raise awareness in one’s community on the dangers of tobacco products. Nicolle’s hobbies outside of classes are running and visiting museums! She enjoys listening and exploring different genres of music, reading autobiography books and loves to drink coffee, especially cappuccinos!