The Hub

The Hub

The Hub, Centralized Tutoring Center at New Jersey City University empowers a diverse student population to become independent learners and campus leaders through holistic, personalized tutoring and academic support services including academic probation programming with an emphasis on retention and graduation.  

We offer tutoring in:

  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Reading (Annotation, Comprehension, Research) 
  • STEM Subjects
  • Accounting
  • Praxis Core
  • GRE


  • Praxis Core
  • Note-Taking
  • Let's Write (International Students and English Language Learners)
  • Grammar
  • Chicago Style
  • APA
  • Writing the Advanced Research Paper
  • Let's Talk (International Students and Engish Language Learners


Workshops can be developed with faculty to enhance classroom instruction and ensure that students are aware of the available academic support services. Previous workshops have included: Fulbright Program; Hub Orientation; In-class APA; In-class Critical Reading and analysis; In-class Writing the Research Paper; In-class Debate Preparation; In-class Writing the Debriefing Paper.


Sunday, December 9 - Sunday, December 16
To service our students during Finals Week, the tutoring center runs a program called TUTOPIA which spans the final Sundays of the semester. During this eight-day period, Hub services extend giving students an opportunity for last minute academic support.


  • Students may register for appointments at The Hub's reception desk or via phone at (201) 200-3513.
  • Students may register for four hours of tutoring per discipline per week.  
  • Students seeking to develop a tutoring plan are welcome to meet with a tutoring coordinator.
  • For more information, please visit or call The Hub's reception desk. 


Personalized tutoring plans are available for students seeking additional help in mathematics and writing. Students who commit to a personalized tutoring plan meet with a Tutoring Coordinator weekly to discuss academic performance and ensure future appointments are scheduled. Visit the Hub's reception desk for information.