NJCU Profiles

Photo of male student sitting in front of bloomberg terminal in the school of business

State and Regional Wrestling Champion

Sandra Guerrero

'24, Business Management

Agent for Change

Ebony Bernice Drew

’20, Criminal Justice & Mathematics

Future Mathematics Educator

Ashley N. Doughty

’21, Mathematics & Education

Fascinated By How The Mind Effects Everyday Society

Caitline Fortich

’20, Psychology

Future Nurse

Arnelle Akakp

’19, Nursing

Burgeoning Author

Genesis Camporerde

’19, English

Future Big Screen Producer

Caitlin Costello

’19, Media Arts

A Passion to Educate

Haimwattie Sawh

’19, Psychology & Education

A Force for Good

Rahma Elina

’20, Political Science

Making Lifelong Connections

Heather A. Sheppard

’19, Psychology