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The Caribbean Students Association (CSA) is here to provide a sense of identity and strong voice that effectively represents Caribbean people and people of Caribbean heritage in the New Jersey City University community. To support all Caribbean cultures; to promote an awareness of Caribbean issues at NJCU and to establish ties with other clubs and organizations throughout the NJCU Community.

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Bridging gaps between the NJCU community & Latin America while promoting, empowering, & educating through cultural, social, & educational experiences.

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The Haitian Student Association here at NJCU is geared towards students of all ethnicities and backgrounds. We are rewriting the narratives one event at a time. We are here to support you and address all your concerns. Lastly, our goal is to educate everyone on the history of Haiti through fun activities, food, and music.

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The Muslim Student Association (MSA) of New Jersey City University (NJCU) is created by Muslim students of diverse ethnic backgrounds who have come together to help foster an ever-expanding range of platforms for Islamic knowledge and experience by providing a safe space for the community. The foundation for the MSA’s action is based on the Quran and the Sunnah (the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH).

The MSA seeks to embrace the values of Islam in a campus environment in order to meet the needs of Muslims on campus by:

  1. Facilitating the growth of a strong Muslim identity at NJCU;
  2. Providing and maintaining spiritual, social, and educational resources;
  3. Sponsoring programming and events that counteract the negative stereotypes about Islam and Muslims that are commonplace in American society;
  4. And actively engaging both Muslims and non-Muslims in active discourse about current world events.



The American Society of biochemistry and molecular biology was founded in 1906 at John Hopkins University. It has several scholarly journals like The Biological Chemistry, Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, and the Journal of Lipid Research.

There are several ASBMB student chapters all around the US in schools including New Jersey City University that joined in the year 2018! Our mission is to provide networking and career development opportunities while advancing biochemistry and molecular biology in New Jersey City University and our community. The goal of the club is to promote Biochemistry as a major at the level of undergraduate studies, to increase participation in STEM fields by introducing Molecular Biology and biochemistry, and to represent NJCU at national conferences. We also aim to provide opportunities that would help the student body excel at all stages of their scientific career through networking, professional development, fun activities, meetings, tools, and leadership opportunities. Regardless of all mentioned above, we are seeking diversity from all members of the student body who are seeking to promote growth and self-development. When you become an ASBMB participant, you join more than 11,000 scientists working worldwide to promote scientific research in the sciences of molecular living and we would be happy to have you.


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ASBMB Student Chapters

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The purpose of the New Jersey City University (NJCU) Biology Club shall be to benefit the NJCU’s community by bringing students together and encourage activities in the biological and health-related fields. The NJCU Biology Club aims to offer students many opportunities to learn more about the biological sciences, build resumes, and increase awareness about the ongoing events in the sciences. We would also like to help any student who wants to explore a biology-related career, like pre-meds, dental, graduate (Ph.D)  and nursing programs, and much more. We will create a positive atmosphere for all those interested where students can participate in biology-related activities, meetings, discussions, and trips. For those interested in these events, students will also be educated about the environment and about the various biological (and related) sciences. We also strive to increase the awareness of an individual’s role and responsibilities in society by volunteering, completing charity projects, and community service. Throughout the semester, we will also host many holidays and special event activities. Finally, our Biology Club is open to accepting all majors where everyone feels included and respected.

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The Chemistry Club is established to engage the student body in the sciences by providing them with educational information and activities related to the science of Chemistry. It is a chapter of the American Chemical Society which is a worldwide organization dedicated to the enrichment and growth of chemistry. We invite, motivate, and encourage students to explore the many ways that chemistry connects to the world. As we provide insight for career opportunities in the fields of chemistry and expose students to the diverse chemistry community that has opportunities that can develop leadership and critical thinking skills.

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The Health Science Student Organization promotes career opportunities in the health care industry, which enhances the delivery that helps transform students into leaders, impacting the health needs of our communities in diverse wellness, and health-related practices.

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Follow us on Instagram: @NJCU_HSSO

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NJCU’s Pre-Dental Club exists to build a community of students interested in the various fields of dentistry. The Pre-Dental Club will assist students in their overall preparation for dental school, provide service and networking opportunities, and help students gain exposure to various careers in the dental profession. Students on a similar educational and career path will be given the support on their journey towards dentistry.

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The NJCU Psychology Society is open to all majors! If you are curious about what the concentration holds, engage with us and find the beauty of the social science of the mind! Psychology is everywhere, therefore, let’s apply it into our daily lives and become altruistic members of society! Being members of the Psychology Society, we create a safe and informative environment for students of all majors to share topics of interest and find the relationships they may have to Psychology.

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Social/Special Interest

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Anime Club at NJCU is a student run organization that meets regularly to discuss, show, and promote anime in a community setting. It focuses on broadening Japanese cultural understanding and building relationships through hobbies and entertainment.

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Asez stands for Save the Earth from A to Z, it is an international group that was established by the university and high school students from the World Mission Society Church of God. However, Asez provides a place where young adult leaders can join in volunteer services and academic bible seminars even if they do not attend the church. This group focuses on several projects that implement the United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), which is a set of goals for all communities in every country with a deadline to obtain before the year 2030. In order to accomplish those goals, we are putting it into practice through two movements called Reduce Crime Together and S.A.V.E. ASEZ promotes unity, friendship, and shares the love of a mother among all people of the global village beyond nationality, race, religion and socioeconomic. Besides volunteer activities we also provide a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the Bible through an academic point of view like historical facts and aspects of modern science.

Let more about Asez by going to and follow us on Instagram: @asezeastcoastusa

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NJCU Cru is a Non-Denominational Christian Organization that seeks to influence and empower students, while living the lives of significance to make a positive impact on  campus. Cru at NJCU hosts incredibly powerful and dynamic weekly meetings in which there are many opportunities to engage in fellowship and conversation through and about the Word.

By doing so we hope to stimulate active thinking and interaction among students on campus. We understand that college years can be challenging but we are here to help alleviate the pressure of it all. We’d love to meet you! 

Our meetings are Monday’s 4:00PM (GSUB 217)
Last Friday of every month JCRU @8pm (Rutgers)
**Locations and meetings are subject to changing because our current pandemic.

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Are you an activist? Do you care about helping the Earth? Want to make effective change and expand your resume at the same time? Then look no further! The NJCU Environmental Club is a network of students who collaborate to build a greener campus and community through volunteerism, education, and advocacy. Getting involved is easy! E-mail us at:, or DM our Instagram page @njcu.enviroclub, to become a member and learn more.

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A social and networking environment for students who enjoy playing or designing videogames.

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Gothic Curls is an NJCU club dedicated towards empowering curly-haired individuals in embracing their curly hair and curly hair journeys. Gothic Curls aims towards appreciating and celebrating the cultural differences from which curly hair originates, as for each and every individual. Our mission is to create a safe space where NJCU students can express comfort and pride in being their natural selves unapologetically.

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Interested in doing research? Come check us out!
A little bit about us: USRC is a club, created a while back, to support students in the world of research. We are committed to providing a valuable experience to undergraduate students that have an interest in research. Topics can vary from science based subjects to english to psychology to much more! We host various events throughout the semester, where you can connect and network with other people. Recently, the club decided to host summer research zoom talks. Due to the pandemic, research has been canceled over summer and so the e-board and Dr. Coleman thought this would be a good way to still "perform" or talk about research! Adding onto that, USRC hosts fundraisers, blood drives, meetings and much more! These are some of the club’s contributions to NJCU students. If any of you are interested, come and speak with USRC during New Student Orientation! Looking forward to speaking with you all!

Contact info:
Instagram: @usrc.njcu