SURI Membership

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1. Who can be a SURI member?
Membership in SURI is voluntary.
Any NJCU faculty member from Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics can be a SURI member.
Please let us know if you would like to become a SURI member, by sending an email to

2. What are the responsibilities for being a SURI member?
As with any voluntary organization our success is based on fair participation of every member.
Each member is required to actively participate in one or more Initiative groups activities; work on preparation of SURI initiatives; attend meetings; give feedback; participate in surveys and so on.

3. What are the responsibilities for SURI Executive Committee members? What are the criteria to be a SURI Executive Committee member?
All STEM departments should have representatives in the committee: two faculty members each from Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and one each from Computer Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and Physics.
Membership on the committee remains voluntary and lasts as long as each member wishes and as long as they perform their duties.
The SURI Executive Committee members are the core initiative and executive group. They participate in all SURI activities and meetings.

Current SURI Executive Committee members