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NJCU STEM Alumni Research Association (NSARA) (Under Development)

Philosophy: We believe that we are the voice for innovation.

The NJCU STEM Research Association’s mission is to unite like-minded students who have a strong passion towards scientific research. As an association we are motivated by the notion that research ignites innovation and through innovation the world will advance. For this reason, together we aspire to generate the right environment through networking events in order to enhance professional development, gain knowledge, and create life-long friendships.


  • Advocate STEM Education
  • Promote Scientific Research
  • Develop and sustain research network inside and outside NJCU
  • Enhance professional development and career awareness
  • Develop a community of like-minded scientists

 Johanna Riera, Lauren Deieso, Mohammad Fauzan, Sean Shaeen, Angelica Barreto