Fire Safety Manager Program

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Fire Safety Manager Program

Sponsored by the New Jersey City University Fire Science Department.

Jersey City ordinance # 01-088 requires that one employee shall be designated as “Fire Safety Manager,” and that one or more employee’s be designated as “Deputy Fire Safety Manager” for all high rise buildings. To be eligible to work in the capacity of a Fire Safety Manager in the City of Jersey City, individuals must successfully complete an approved program, and subsequently earn a passing grade on the Jersey City Fire Safety Manager Certification Examination.

The Fire Safety Manager Program is specifically designed to provide students with the information, and education necessary to succeed with the Jersey City Fire Safety Manager Certification Examination. The course instruction staff includes certified and experienced instructors from building code enforcement, security, and several branches of emergency service.

Students of our enhanced Fire Safety Manager Program will receive a specialized course workbook, reference manual, and a CD containing templates of recommended and required forms, log sheets, and reports. This CD is re-writable and can be customized to your specific building needs. Additionally, all students will receive a laminated emergency check list for immediate use at the emergency command post location in your building.


January 21, 2021- February 25, 2022

Module 1

  • Fire Safety Manager Overview
  • Basic Fire Chemistry & Fire Behavior
  • Fire Suppression Systems

Module 2

  • FDJC Fire Safety Manager
  • Ordinance Introduction
  • Building Construction
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Theaters
  • American with Disabilities Act

Module 3

  • FDJC Fire Safety Manager Ordinance
  • Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
  • Fire Brigade Management &Training

Module 4

  • FDJC Fire Safety Manager Ordinance Review
  • Fire Detection, Alarm Suppression System Review
  • Fire Detection & Alarm Systems Quiz

Module 5

  • Hands-on Skills Training
  • FSM Scenarios
    • Fire Operations
    • Emergency Operations
    • Drills
  • Comprehensive Review

Module 6

  • Final Review
  • Comprehensive Final Exam

If you have any questions, or require any additional information about the Fire Safety Manager Program, please contact Professor Prof. Walter Nugent, phone: 201-200-3407, or fax us at 201- 200-3408.

The Fire safety Manager course will be taught on campus beginning November 5, 2021.  NJCU COVID-19 guidelines will need to be followed while on campus; including but not limited to social distancing and face mask wearing.  More information can be found here.
**Class size will be limited .**