Can You Afford to Study Abroad? YES!

NJCU offers a wide range of affordable study abroad programs. If you qualify for financial aid, you are able to apply your aid towards your study abroad program. As part of planning your program abroad you will meet with the Financial Aid Office to review costs and aid options.

Are there any additional fees to Study Abroad?

NJCU charges a $150 fee to all semester abroad students.

What types of aid can be used for study abroad?  

NJCU Scholarships and Study Abroad

If you receive Federal or State financial aid or are an NJCU University scholarship recipient, you can use you funding for a semester abroad. Please note the following restrictions:  

  • For a Direct Exchange, all Federal and State financial aid (PELL and TAG) and loans can be used for semester abroad
  • Only PELL can be used for a Provider Program. TAG cannot be used for a Provider Program. 
  • Global Initiatives Travel Grants can be applied to any Study Abroad program
  • University Scholarships can only be applied to tuition and fees for direct exchange programs. Room and board costs, personal expenses, and any other charges from the host university are the student’s responsibility. University Scholarships cannot be used for Provider Programs. 
  • Students must complete at least 12 credits while studying abroad- withdrawals are not permitted if they reduce the number of credits below 12. Failure to complete 12 credits may impact Financial Aid and University Scholarships.