How to Apply to Study Abroad

How to Apply

Want to study abroad? Here's what to do:  

  1. Study abroad financial worksheet (pdf)
  2. Medical exam form (pdf)
  3. Study abroad program proposal (pdf)
  4. See "Program Options" to view destinations. Read about the programs and note deadlines, special requirements, and program-specific forms.  
  5. Schedule an appointment to visit us in PROFESSIONAL STUDIES 414 so we can discuss your study abroad options.
  6. Submit the NJCU Study Abroad Application
  7. Complete and return these additional forms:
    •  Financial Aid Form 
    •  Medical Examination Report 
    •  Course Approval Form 
  8. Prepare partner program application materials
  9. Submit a copy of your passport (which must be valid for at least 6 months after the scheduled program dates)


Costs and Funding

Withdraw/Refund Policy