1. FLYWIRE: NJCU has partnered with FLYWIRE, a money transfer service, to provide an easy and cost effective way to transfer funds. FLYWIRE offers a better exchange rate than many banks with lower fees. Payments through FLYWIRE can also be made with a credit card. Access NJCU's FLYWIRE page.

2. In Person: The Bursars Office only accepts checks or money orders. Credit cards are not accepted. You can only make credit card payments online?.

3. Online Payments: Log into your gothic net account. You can pay by credit card or electronic check (direct debit from your bank account). Instructions are here. Please note that there is a convenience fee for paying with a credit card. 

4. Wire Transfer: Your bank can send money directly to NJCU. This Wire transfer form (pdf) has the bank information. Complete the form, send it to your bank, and return the form to the International Office or ckatz@njcu.edu.