Monthly Payment Plans

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New Jersey City University offers multiple monthly tuition payment plan options directly through the school.

All plans are semester based and require a $37 set-up fee to participate. Students must enroll in the plan prior to the posted payment deadline for semester. Enrollment in the plan can be done either in person or online through GothicNet. The terms of the monthly payment plan are as follows:

  • NJCU offers multiple plan options depending on when the student registers and when their tuition is due. Students registering during priority registration have the option to join a four or five month plan. Enrollment and payment of the first installment for five month plans for Fall and Spring are due by July 15th and December 15th respectively, with additional payments due on the 15th of each month thereafter. You must make your first payment along with your $37 enrollment fee at the time of enrollment. Four month plans begin on August 15th and January 15th.
  • Students who register for courses after August 15th for Fall and after January 15th for Spring are eligible to enroll the University's three month payment plan. Enrollment and payment of the first installment is due prior to first day of class for each semester.
  • The University does not send monthly paper statements for upcoming installments. Billing reminders are sent via email to the student's NJCU email address only. It is the student's responsibility to make monthly installment payments by the 15th of each month. Plan information and upcoming installment dates are available on the Payment Plan tab of the View Bill/Make Payment section of GothicNet.
  • Student account balances for use in monthly payment plans are reduced by pending financial aid in GothicNet. Incurring additional charges (tuition, fees, room, board, etc.) or reductions in your financial aid will automatically result in an increase to your plan amount. Notification will be sent to your NJCU email account of any changes to your plan balance and subsequent increase of your monthly payments. Students are responsible for any and all of these changes to their payment plans.
  • Past due balances may not be included as part of the payment plan. These balances must be paid in full to the University prior to enrolling in a plan.
  • Plan participants may elect to have their monthly installments withdrawn automatically from the checking or savings account. This can be done by selecting this option on GothicNet. Please be aware, incurring additional charges or reductions to pending financial aid on your student account will result in automatically increased monthly installments.
  • A late fee of $75 will be assessed for each late payment made. If two consecutive payments are missed and your account is not made current with your next payment, your payment plan will be cancelled by the University. Students will be notified at the time of cancellation and payment in full will then be due immediately. Multiple plan cancellations due to non-payment may result in the student being ineligible to join the plan in the future.
  • Questions can be directed to the Office of Student Accounts at (201) 200-3040.