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Reference Department Information

Library, Second Floor 

Reference Librarian:

The Reference Room provides a multitude of services and informational tools in assisting users to find material. All titles in the collection are listed in the electronic online catalog WorldCat Discovery and can be easily recognized by an “R” or “Ref” designation above the call number. Services include:

Please note that Reference books are non-circulating and are to be used only within the Department.

Some of the basic and frequently used reference materials include the following:

  • Encyclopedias - general and specialized, e.g. art, music, philosophy, religion, jurisprudence, psychology, education, science, social science, technology, etc.
  • Dictionaries - English and foreign language; subject oriented, e.g. economics, art, chemistry, medicine, computers, etc.
  • Indexes & Abstracts - to periodicals, monographs, government documents, etc.
  • Bibliographies/ Handbooks - on a wide range of subject matter
  • Directories - to companies, individuals, organizations, etc.
  • Atlases - general and topical
  • Guides to web sites - by subject
  • Collective biographies - domestic and international coverage.

There is no single database that covers all fields of knowledge. Specialized subject-oriented indexes and abstracts, be it in paper or electronic format, have been acquired to guide the reader to magazines, journals, newspapers and books where the desired information is to be found. Not only do they provide you with an exact citation, in many instances, they will provide you with the full text of the document. The Library subscribes to over one hundred such databases, so be sure to confer with a Reference Librarian to discover which would be the most helpful to you in your particular search.


Authorized library users can borrow material not in our Library from cooperating libraries throughout the country. Interlibrary Loan Request Forms are online, and paper form is available at the Reference Desk and on the Library's Interlibrary Loan web page. Because requests are filled by mail, try to allow for sufficient time. Fees may be involved.