Information Literacy at NJCU

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Information Literacy at NJCU


In the information age, Information Literacy or the ability to define, retrieve, evaluate and use information found, ethically and legally is crucial. Lifelong learning becomes a must in developing an informed citizenry, an up-to-date professional and a socially aware human being. Information Literacy is one of the core competencies that NJCU expects from its graduates. 

Faculty and staff are therefore encouraged to bring their students to the library (click here to fill out a request online), or at least to point out the vast resources that are provided which are not available for free from other sources. All beginning students should be brought to the library, additionally when they start in their majors and also in research courses. Because knowledge and information sources are dynamic, every session adds to, and reinforces what was learned before.

Click here to use this self-paced Information Literacy Tutorial