Emergency Telephone

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Emergency Telephone

Emergency Telephones

In an emergency, time is critical and getting the answers could mean the difference between life and death.

Dial Extension 55 (on campus)
201-200-3128 (cell or off campus phone)

Emergency Telephones are located strategically throughout the campus.
Click here to view the locations of these emergency telephones. Use them to report emergencies, crimes, suspicious behaviors, accidents and hazards. The campus emergency call boxes are easily identified by the "emergency phones signs" located above the telephones.

The University uses three types of phones: outside emergency phones, yellow call boxes. All emergency phones are connected to the Department of Public Safety. Also all of the emergency phones are connected to a caller ID system, which identifies your exact location if you are unable to speak.

Outside Emergency Phones
The emergency phones can easily be located by the blue lights above them. They have no receiver, but instead contain a built in speaker. To activate the phone, push the red button and the phone will immediately call the Department of Public Safety or push the button marked "ON" and you will hear a dial tone. The phone will automatically disconnect after approximately three minutes.

Yellow Call Boxes
To use a yellow emergency phone, just push the red button on the front of the box. It will directly connect you to the Department of Public Safety.