Rave Guardian

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Rave Guardian

Rave Guardian

In an emergency, time is critical and getting the answers could mean the difference between life and death.

Dial Extension 3128 (on campus)
201-200-3128 (cell or off campus phone)

Rave Guardian is a proven mobile phone app that serves as a personal safety solution that enhances the safety and security on campus grounds around the country. Rave Guardian allows individuals to strengthen our communication with the campus community and provide an additional layer of safety, security, and connectivity.

Call Directory Rave Guardian’s “Call Directory” allows users to access important telephone numbers within the mobile safety app.

Call Campus Safety  Rave Guardian’s “Call Campus Safety” feature allows the NJCU population to contact the Department of Public Safety in one click! When activated, this feature automatically provides your information and GPS location. 

Send Tips Rave Guardian’s “Send Tips” feature is like sending a text message to the Department of Public Safety. This feature allows users to inform Public Safety about emergencies that can occur on campus in a discreet manner; anonymously or overtly.

Safety Timer Rave Guardian’s “Safety Timer” is described as a virtual safety escort. Set a timer while you are traveling between campus buildings. If not deactivated by the user before time expires, Public Safety will be notified and will conduct a follow up check on the individual.


To download search “Rave Guardian” in the App Store or Google Play Store.