Emergency Procedures

Photo of public-safety-sign

Emergency Procedures

Know What to Do in an Emergency

In an emergency, time is critical and getting the answers could mean the difference between life and death.

Dial Extension 3128 (on campus)
201-200-3128 (cell or off campus phone)

NJCU Public Safety personnel will coordinate with JC Emergency Personnel to assist as needed. All Public Safety Personnel are trained in First-Aid, CPR and AED and will assist until emergency services arrive. Do not attempt to move an injured person until Public Safety personnel arrive.

If possible, please describe:

  • nature of injury
  • name of injured party
  • age of injured party
  • if the injured party is conscious or breathing

If 911 has already been contacted, please contact Public Safety so that they may coordinate and assist with their arrival to the emergency scene.

If emergency services should arrive on campus without Public Safety's knowledge, valuable time may be lost.

Crime in Progress:
Contact Public Safety immediately with location and information. Do NOT attempt to engage the perpetrator as he or she may be armed and dangerous.

Suspicious Person:
Please contact Public Safety and note the location and description of the person. Public Safety will make contact and take action as necessary.

Rave Guardian:
Rave Guardian is a proven mobile phone app that serves as a personal safety solution that enhances the safety and security on campus grounds around the country. Rave Guardian allows individuals to strengthen our communication with the campus community and provide an additional layer of safety, security, and connectivity.

Additional Information
Emergency Response Guide (.pdf)
Lockdown Shelter in Place (.pdf)