Academic Affairs Updates from the Office of the Provost Part II: Changes in the Office of the Provost

February 28, 2023

Academic Affairs Updates from the Office of the Provost

Changes in the Office of the Provost


Dear Members of the NJCU Community:

This week and next, I will continue providing a series of updates regarding changes in Academic Affairs. These changes respond to our fiscal crisis and position us to focus more clearly upon our mission as a minority-serving institution committed to supporting our unique student population.

These changes reflect a reduction in administrative layers and renewed focus on student success and retention.

On Friday, February 24, I detailed the overall Organizational Changes in Academic Affairs. Today's update will outline the changes within the Office of the Provost.

In response to the fiscal crisis and to shift our focus more clearly to student success and retention, and similar to the overall organizational changes I summarized, I also collapsed the administrative structure within the Office of the Provost.

Knowing that faculty were receiving retrenchment notices, I could not justify maintaining two associate provost positions. We are working on systems, and we are reimagining communication processes to support the administrative work of academic affairs.

As we work through these challenges, those who reported directly to the associate provosts will now report to me instead. During the Spring 2023 semester, we will conduct a search for an Assistant Dean for Student Success and Retention. Dr. Adrian Martin is leading this search. This position will more clearly align our resources with our mission. 

Meanwhile, staffing has also changed within the Office of the Provost. Damaris Castillo previously served within the office as a budget analyst. She is now working from the CFO’s office where she will continue to support our budget analysis needs in her new role.

The Office of the Provost added a new assistant, Giulio Dininno. He is helping us with our curriculum processes and catalog updates, in addition to contributing to the many administrative needs that reach our office. Bernadette Schery continues to hold everything together for us, through all moving parts. 

I feel so honored to work with such an amazing team! While it is nearly impossible to outline everything they do, below we have provided an overview of the division of responsibilities for both Bernadette and Giulio.


Donna Adair Breault, Ph.D.
Acting Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs
New Jersey City University


Changes in the Office of the Provost graphic
Changes in the Office of the Provost