Alcohol and Drug Policy

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Alcohol and Drug Policy

New Jersey City University is committed to maintaining an alcohol and drug-free environment/workplace in compliance with applicable laws. The unlawful use, possession, manufacture, or distribution of alcohol or other drugs by students or by employees is prohibited on University property or as a part of University activities.

The University is committed to a program to prevent the illegal use of drugs and alcohol by students and employees. Any student or employee found to be using, possessing, manufacturing, or distributing alcohol and/or other controlled substances, in violation of the law, on University property or at University events shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with policies of the State of New Jersey and New Jersey City University.

For employees, the University will take appropriate personnel action for such infractions, up to and including termination. Students who violate this policy will be subject to sanctions which may include completion of an approved drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, disciplinary warning, probation, suspension and/or expulsion from the University.

As a condition of employment, all employees of the New Jersey City University shall abide by the terms of this policy statement and will notify the University of any criminal drug offense involving the workplace within five days of the conviction. The University will, in turn, notify as appropriate, the applicable federal agency of the conviction within ten days of receipt of notification of conviction. The University will initiate personnel action, up to and including termination, within thirty days of receiving notice of such conviction.

Employees may also be required to satisfactorily participate, at their own expense, in a drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program before being allowed to return to work. For the purposes of this policy, “conviction” means a finding of guilty (including a plea of nolo contendere) or imposition of sentence, or both, by any judicial body charged with the responsibility to assess violations of the federal or state criminal drug statutes.

Additionally, the purpose for the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy is to provide the campus community with information about the health risks associated with alcohol and other drugs, as well as resources for rehabilitation and counseling for students and employees who may have alcohol and/or other drug problems.

This policy was written and agreed upon in accordance with New Jersey City University philosophies and *New Jersey State Laws with the safety of all students, faculty, staff and guests considered.

*The Alcohol, Beverage and Control Center Handbook was consulted to insure that University Policies were consistent with state policies and complied with the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act of 1989.