Learn More About How New Pathways Works

The NJCU New Pathways to Teaching Program provides a process for individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher) to become licensed teachers by taking classes while they are doing their first two years of teaching. The NPTNJ program is regulated and approved by the N.J. Department of Education (DOE).

Here’s how the program works:

  • Candidates apply to the NJDOE for a Certificate of Eligibility. This allows the candidate to get an alternate route teaching job. Click here for information on how to apply for a CE.
  • Candidates take a 50-hour Introduction to Teaching Course which includes classroom observations and field experience. Participating community colleges offer in-person classes while NJCU offers the class 100% online.
  • Candidates begin teaching in the Provisional Teacher Program and concurrently take an additional 350 hours (24 credits) of alternate route classes.
  • Candidates must teach for two years with successful evaluations, complete a year of mentoring, and complete the alternate route classes in order to apply for a Standard Certificate to teach in New Jersey.


  • The NPTNJ alternate route program is equivalent to 24 graduate credits or 400 hours of instruction over four semesters. The 50-hour, Introduction to Teaching class is offered online at NJCU as well as participating community colleges throughout New Jersey. NJCU offers all four semesters of New Pathways entirely online.


  • NON-CREDIT: The cost will be $100 per credit. For example, if the class is a three credit class and the candidate is enrolled as a non-credit student then the cost is $300. For the current academic year the total cost for a non-credit registration would be $2,400. *Subject to change without notice.
    • Semester 1 = 7 credits ($700)
    • Semester 2 = 6 credits ($600)
    • Semester 3 = 6 credits ($600)
    • Semester 4 = 5 credits ($500)
  • FOR-CREDIT: Graduate tuition is based on the NJCU Board of Trustees and subject to change. The NJCU Masters Programs that accept NPTNJ credits provides additional information. The current tuition rates can be found here.


Application into the 50-Hour Introduction to Teaching class of requires following:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university A cumulative 2.75 GPA (if you graduated prior to September 2016) or a 3.0 GPA (if you graduated after September 2016) or higher from a bachelor’s or master’s degree program.

Send your official transcript to newpathways@njcu.edu.

Once your materials have been approved, you may register for the 50-Hour class held online via NJCU or in-person at one of the participating community colleges.

Application into Semester One requires the following:

  • Copy of your Certificate of Eligibility (CE).
  • Verification of completion from 50-hour Introduction to Teaching class.
  • Letter of employment from school district (if you have secured a job.)