New Pathways Credit Conversions

Converting Non-Credit Courses to Graduate Credit (Only for students admitted prior to Fall 2022

Courses that are completed as non-credit can be converted to graduate credit by paying the difference between the non-credit cost you paid and the current cost of graduate tuition. The current graduation tuition can be found here. The credit conversion is available any time within five years of completing the course.

You may convert any number or all of your NPTNJ courses.

Click on this Credit Conversion Request to begin the credit conversion process. Once this form is received and processed, the bursar's office will create an invoice. That invoice must be paid in full. There is no payment plan for credit conversions. You may, however, convert only one or two courses at a time to spread out the payments.

Graduate Programs Available

The following NJCU graduate degree programs accept course credits from NPTNJ. Please contact the appropriate department chairperson for more information and be sure the advisor knows you have credits from NPTNJ. Learn more on how to apply for matriculation into a degree program.

Special Education: Please contact either Department Co-Chair: Dr. Fleres or Dr. Taylor.

  • M.A.T. in Special Education – 12 credits converted from NPTNJ; additional 24 credits needed for eligibility to apply for the Teacher of Students with Disabilities endorsement and M.A.T. degree. These courses are offered online during the summer and academic year.

Educational Technology: Please contact Dr. Zieger, Department Chair.

  • M.A. in Educational Technology – 15 credits accepted; additional 21 credits needed for M.A. Degree.
  • MA in Educational Technology with School Library Media Specialist certification – 12 credits accepted, additional 24 credits needed for certification. Please contact Dr. Zieger, Department Chair. This program is entirely online.

Multicultural Education: Please contact Dr. Kim, Department Chair.

  • M.A. in English as a Second Language – 3 credits accepted; additional 21 credits needed to apply for ESL endorsement.
  • M.A. in Bilingual Education – 3 credits accepted; additional 18 credits needed to apply for Bilingual endorsement.

Reading Specialist: Please contact Dr. Rosen, Department Chair

  • M.A. in Reading Specialist - 6 credits accepted, additional 30 credits needed for the Reading Specialist endorsement and degree.