Population Health & Exercise Science

About the Department

The mission of the Population Health & Exercise Science Department is to identify and educate students who mirror today’s society and reflect the University's urban mission. 

The Department's goals are to:

  • Offer a range of health education and exercise science programs that provide opportunities for students to function as health education specialists in settings such as schools, community health and social services agencies, medical institutions, and voluntary health organizations. 
  • Provide students with knowledge and skills in the health sciences that encompasses 
    the breadth and depth of the field;
  • Recruit and retain students from heterogeneous social, economic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.

Central to this mission is the aim to develop leaders in the Population Health field who can advocate for the elimination of health disparities and equitable access to health care.

The Department expects all Population Health undergraduates to demonstrate competency in oral and written communication, critical thinking, information literacy, technology, and cultural competence.  

By attaining these competencies, students will be better prepared to be:

  • Critical thinkers and problem solvers when confronting health problems and issues;
  • Self-directed learners who have the competence to use basic health information and services in health-enhancing ways. 
  • Effective communicators who organize and convey beliefs, ideas, and information about health issues;
  • Culturally competent citizens who recognize how all forms of bias (racism, sexism, prejudice, and power) can impact the health and well-being of people.

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Exercise Science

The mission of the Exercise Science program is to provide students with the opportunity to gain specific knowledge pertaining to exercise and sport studies, develop a variety of movement skills, and adopt values that facilitate the attainment of autonomous behavior in lifetime fitness and wellness activities.

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Population Health

The mission of the public health education program is to prepare entry-level health education specialists in the community health field who have skills such as health planning, program implementation and evaluation, and health advocacy for diverse populations in a variety of health promotion settings. 

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Sharon Merchan
Administrative Assistant