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About the Population Health Programs

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There is no better place to study health science than in a multicultural, urban setting like NJCU. Today’s health science leaders are the vanguards for eliminating health disparities and creating equitable access to health care. Our Population Health programs will turn your passion for health sciences into knowledge, experience, and a career that will change lives for the better.

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Healthcare and Medical Program Options

Our programs build a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge, and then apply that theory to real-world practice. Research, case studies, site visits, internships and other activities make for an educational environment that caters to all types of learning styles. With bachelor’s, master’s and certificate programs, NJCU’s Health Sciences Department offers educational opportunities for future health sciences professionals and for those looking to augment an already successful career.

Population Health faculty are student-centered and committed to preparing the next generation for the complex health issues facing our diverse society today. They focus on developing students into critical thinkers, effective communicators, and problem solvers who are ready for today’s complex healthcare world.

Alumni of the Population Health programs can go on to become counselors, public health advocates, researchers, administrators, and more. Some work in traditional healthcare settings like hospitals and health centers, while others choose government and nonprofit agencies, health insurance companies, and schools. A health sciences education is an open door on today’s job market for someone who truly wants to make a difference.

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