The Advisory Board of NJCU’s Counselor Education Department provides advice, expertise, and support to the Dean of the College of Education and Counselor Education Department.

Members are appointed by the Dean, College of Education and Chair, Counselor Education Department. Members shall represent regional school counselors (2 members), school superintendents or other administers (1 member), clinical mental health counselors, or other behavioral health workers from hospitals or community mental health clinics (3 members). The Advisory Board shall consist of current students (2 members), former students (2 members), and employers of our former students (2 members).

The Advisory Board shall consist of 10-15 members, with the Chair of the Counselor Education Department serving as chair of the board. Terms shall be for two years and can be renewed for additional two-year terms at the Dean and Chair’s discretion.

The Advisory Board shall meet twice a year via zoom for 45 to 60 mins.

Major Goals of the Advisory Board

  1. Support the mission, vision, and strategic plan of the University and Counselor Education Department.
  2. Enhance relationships with regional clinical and school partners.
  3. Keep the program informed of present and evolving behavioral healthcare trends that have the potential to impact counseling education and affect the counseling workforce.
  4. Advocate for the NJCU Counselor Education Department in the community.
  5. Offer recommendations to enhance the curriculum.

Current Advisory Board Members:

  • Dr. Debra Woo. Dean of College of Education
  • Dr. Jean Georgiou. Chair of Counselor Education Program
  • Dr. Vaibhavee Agaskar. Ad-hoc member (for CACREP related matters)
  • Dr. Cheryl Swider. Institutional Effectiveness
  • Mercedez Ruiz. Student representative CMHC program
  • Alyssa Baez. Student representative, SC program
  • Beverly Canady. LPC, A.C.S.Site Director, The Bridge/Irvington School-Based Program. bcanady@thebridgenj.org
  • Marli J. Gelfand. L.P.C., A.C.S. Director - Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health and Trauma Recovery Center Services. marli.gelfand@rwjbh.org 
  • Sadiq A. Muhammad. M.S. M.A. LPC. LCADC, Director of Newark Men's Outpatient Services, Integrity House. smuhammad@integrityhouse.org
  • Ms. Takia Campbell. M.A., M.Ed. Supervisor, Student Life and Services, Jersey City Board of Education. tcampbell@jcboe.org
  • Roberta Barfield. MA, School Counselor at Union City Board of Education. rgs@kawlawnj.com
  • Tesha Mateo. MA, School Counselor. tesha.medal@gmail.com
  • Maryanne Kelleher M.A Graduate student CMHC program. mkelleher@jcnj.org