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The African and African-American Studies program is an interdisciplinary one. It is a comprehensive examination of the diversity of the experiences of people of Africa and the African diaspora. The program promises to provide students with an enriched and diverse curriculum that will encourage them to have a cosmopolitan view of the world, and develop an appreciation of the role and centrality of Africa and its descendants to the shaping of the modern world.

Students will explore the historical, social, cultural, political, and economic realities of Africans, African Americans, and people of African descent in the Caribbean and Latin America.

The main objective of the program is to provide students with a balanced and well-rounded view of the world.

While students studying any of the university’s majors are welcomed, the African and African-American Studies minor is a formidable complement to liberal arts majors (such as Political Science, History, Sociology, and English Literature) and all students who are considering careers in journalism, education, criminal justice, politics, law, business, diplomacy and many other fields of endeavor.

Requirements for the Minor

Students who minor in African and African-American Studies will take 18 credits or six (6) courses. Five (5) of these courses must come from the African and & African-American Studies Program offerings and and the remaining one (1) course can be selected from any of the departments/programs listed below.

Required Courses:  
AFRO 101The African Diaspora3
AFRO 125African-American History: From Africa to Emancipation3
AFRO 164Introduction to African Civilizations3
Restricted Electives:
(Choose 3 credits from the following list)
AFRO 106Black Cultural Studies3
AFRO 140African-American History: From Emancipation to the Present3
AFRO 215American Civil Rights Movement3
AFRO 285Modern Africa3
Cross-Listed Electives: 
(Choose 3 credits from the following list)
LATI 114Studying Latin America3
MDT 155African Music in the Americas: Brazil and the United States 3
WGST 225Women, Hip Hop, Spoken Word and Social Change3
WGST 380Internship in Women's and Gender Studies3
Total Credits 18

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