About This Degree

A minor in women’s and gender studies adds depth and perspective that enhances any program of study. Students hoping to pursue careers in health care, business or education will become better health care workers, managers and teachers with a deeper understanding of how gender influences organizations and people.


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18 Credits

Study key topics including diversity and equality, gender and sexuality, culture and representation, politics, activism, and social justice.

Learn to analyze issues from multiple perspectives, think critically and ask questions, apply knowledge and solve problems, develop leadership skills and collaborate with others.

Develop in-demand career skills including time management, project management, communication, critical analysis, independent work, flexibility.

Choose one required course (3 credits):

  • WGST 101 Telling Women’s Lives OR
  • WGST 109 Gender, Sexuality, and Culture

Choose three WGST elective courses (9 credits):

  • WGST 101 Telling Women's Lives
  • WGST 108 Race, Class, and Gender Activism  
  • WGST 109 Gender, Sexuality, and Culture 
  • WGST 110 Diversity and Difference   
  • WGST 190 Introduction to Sexuality and Queer Studies
  • WGST 208 Sex: Power, Pleasure, Politics 
  • WGST 210 Black Womanhood
  • WGST 215 Men of Color in Urban America 
  • WGST 220 Women and Leadership 
  • WGST 225 Women, Hip Hop, and Social Change      
  • WGST 226 LGBT Social Change 
  • WGST 310 Girls and Girlhood Studies
  • WGST 320 Feminist Practices
  • WGST 322 Reproductive Justice 
  • WGST 330 Gender and Popular Culture 
  • WGST 370 Trans History and Identities
  • WGST 405 Latina Feminisms 
  • WGST 490 Senior Seminar in Women’s and Gender Studies/Independent Study 
  • WGST 380 Internship in Women’s and Gender Studies

Choose one cross-listed elective course (3 credits):

  • ENGL 235 Reading Hip Hop
  • HLTH 300 Women and Health
  • LATI 209 Sex and Gender in Latin America
  • PHIL 245 Social Justice
  • SOCI 201 Women and Family in Different Cultures

Note: other courses may count toward the minor at the discretion of the WGST Department Chair.


Dr. Jennifer Musial, Associate Professor and Chairperson
Email: jmusial@njcu.edu
Phone: 201-200-3551