Alternate Route in Math

Photo of male math professor teaching with whiteboard

Alternate Route in Math and 30-Credits Acceptable

For certification as a Mathematics teacher, current regulations require that applicants complete a minimum of 30 credits in a coherent sequence in the subject field of Mathematics. A coherent sequence requires that at least 12 credits are completed at the advanced level of study (junior, senior or graduate level). Examples of courses accepted for Mathematics include algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, FORTRAN and data structures. Mechanical engineering and electrical engineering majors are automatically acceptable because of the mathematics built into the engineering courses. Related courses may be accepted depending on the course description/content. Please provide a course description if a course is not taken from the Mathematics Department. Courses in pedagogy/education are not accepted towards the subject matter preparation. The final determination as to which courses will be counted towards the Mathematics subject matter is based on professional and content standards found in the NJ Licensing Code. All credits must appear on a regionally accredited 4-year college/university transcript. If courses are taken at a community college, those credits must be transferred to a regionally accredited 4-year college transcript.